Conflict Styles


Neural network: Top-down processing
Neojungian function name: Cognitive Evaluative (GV)

As an introvert, you are driven by the inner world of your reasons, your values, and your explanations of how the world works and is supposed to function. Introverts are often caught in reflection, thinking before and after they act, about why, and what their intentions are. Because of this, they tend to offer a lot of insight to those around them, helping others make sense of their actions. Introverts who hone their preference for thinking, soon go from being seen as inhibited to being regarded as highly wise.


Neural network: Bottom-up processing
Neojungian function: Cognitve Explorative (GX)

As an extrovert, you are driven by the outer world of reactions, changes, and conflicts. Extroverts respond with the gut to new developments, taking on the temperament of a dancer, trying to move with intuitive choreography to new developments. With a quick reaction speed and an awareness of problems, they are the first to announce issues and to make sure that others are ready for changes and obstacles. Extroverts not only process changes faster, they are also able to move without thinking, without a plan, making quick calls when necessary.