The ENTP personality type

"Intellectual Explorers"

Read a description of this personality type below.


ENTPs are always engaged by interesting discussions. You are outspoken and sociable, driven and achievement-oriented. You are quick to engage and work with others. You’re cooperative and you tend to empower the people around you. You tend to love seeing ideas from new angles and creatively discussing about growth and progress. You tend to express your opinions openly and directly, but in a casual, open-minded manner. You love to talk freely about your thoughts and to have open, serious discussions with others. You enjoy large groups and social settings, where there is always something new happening. You’re intelligent and value efficiency and people who are able to think up smart ways to do things. You have alot of ideas and opinions but you prefer to discuss them with others before you make them. You like to sell and promote your ideas and debates, and the success of an idea to you on how good you sell it. You’re well in touch with your community and your neighborhood and have strong social networks.

You tend to be quick to trust and to share with others, freely expressing your ideas and strategies with others. You enjoy share your facts and engaging in logical discussions with others, and while you may get slightly frustrated with others at times, you tend to be quick to forgive them. You tend to connect with others unusually quickly, but you connect more about ideas and on similar work-related goals than on a personal level. You live like a racecar, always forward, often in a fast manner, and it can be difficult for your friends and loved ones to keep track of everything new in your life. You are despite this generally introspective and highly capable of independent thought. You enjoy thinking up new solutions and new ways to solve problems.

Because of your love for progress and creativity, you tend to frown on traditions and social necessities. You find politness to often be an obstacle and would rather people just state their opinions openly. ENTPs are hard-working, and often have a lot on their plates. You often say and do things you regret, but your friends see this as a part of your direct and honest style. As an ENTP, you tend to be highly open to new ideas and somewhat easily distracted - perhaps you could work on your focus at times. Your ideal romantic partner tends to be the INTJ. Their love for logic, their ability to reflect deeply on things, and their decisiveness appeals to you greatly.

Explorers enjoy action, presence, and fast-changing environments. Explorers lead with curiosity, enjoying to continuously scan and review their present situation. Explorers primarily scan for things related to their dominant world-view and enjoy being the first to try out new things. They thrive when they can engage a situation or problem instinctively rather than based on a strict plan. They generally prefer to make decisions in the moment rather than from a distance and have more fun in relaxed, informal environments.

It’s natural for them to directly respond to new situations and relate to life through a form of dancers mentality, moving and adapting to the music or the mood of the situation. At their best, they move from situation to situation in a free-flow manner, adapting as they go.

Arguments or clashes of opinions or perspectives, experiencing control from others, can make them affective and emotional, making them become aggressive. In situations where there isn't enough new things which capture their interest, they can become detached and depressed

As an rational, you seek to find the underlying principles that lies behind performing well in tasks, hierarchies and competitions and strive to establish these ideals in society. You are curious of the concepts and ideas that define success and try to refine and redefine these in their path of refining and redefining their own performance as well as the performance of people in their society.

As a doer you enjoy getting started as soon as possible and not get stuck in passive speculation. The world affects you directly, you respond instinctively and are not afraid of making mistakes.

As a idealist you enjoy relating reality to ideas and concepts and finding new patterns to explain things. You enjoy fantasizing how alternative facts, alternative development of events and perspectives can create new conditions.

As a technician you enjoy basing decisions on impersonal or formal principles. You enjoy evaluating whether things hold up to established principles and guidelines that are independent of social relationships, attachments and feelings.

As a perceiver you enjoy quickly changing tasks and exploring new possibilities in the moment. You are quite collaborative and open to changes in plans.

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