The ESFP personality type

"Social Explorers"

Read a description of this personality type below.


ESFPs are usually popular in crowds and parties, they liven up and spread positive energy around them.

ESFPs are very humble and polite in their self-expression. You are outspoken and sociable, warm, and affectionate. You quickly grow to love and appreciate others around you. You’re an independent spirit and you don’t really care much about what others think. You love to talk and to be around others. You enjoy big or large groups and social settings, and you want things to happen around you wherever you go. You’re playful and prefer fun and carefree social interactions over more work-oriented situations. You’re competitive and you love to work out disagreements through your skill at work and in games. You know exactly what you want and you’re comfortable taking risks to get there.

You tend to be quick to trust and to share with others, freely expressing your thoughts and opinions with others. You freely share your knowledge and your beliefs with others, and you’re diplomatic and well in touch with others needs and quirks. You tend to connect with others unusually quickly. You live like a racecar, always forward, often in a fast manner, and it can be difficult for your friends and loved ones to keep track of everything happening in your life. You are down to earth and trust what you know and want. You are an objective decision maker and you go with your gut at all times - and you don’t need to discuss your gut with others. Your strong instincts are somewhat remarkable at times.

Because of your need for courtesy, to be in good health, and to value tradition, you tend to distrust those who are in discord with society. You think everyone should work hard to respect the natural order of things. ESFPs are confident in their own skills and abilities. As an ESFP, you tend to be open to learn at all times. Your ideal romantic partner tends to be the ISFJ. Their roots to society and their loyalty is highly attractive to you.

Explorers enjoy action, presence, and fast-changing environments. Explorers lead with curiosity, enjoying to continuously scan and review their present situation. Explorers primarily scan for things related to their dominant world-view and enjoy being the first to try out new things. They thrive when they can engage a situation or problem instinctively rather than based on a strict plan. They generally prefer to make decisions in the moment rather than from a distance and have more fun in relaxed, informal environments.

It’s natural for them to directly respond to new situations and relate to life through a form of dancers mentality, moving and adapting to the music or the mood of the situation. At their best, they move from situation to situation in a free-flow manner, adapting as they go.

Arguments or clashes of opinions or perspectives, experiencing control from others, can make them affective and emotional, making them become aggressive. In situations where there isn't enough new things which capture their interest, they can become detached and depressed

As a popular, you seek to find the common themes and settings which are the foundation for the identity of your people. You are interested in the traditional narratives and symbols which have formed society so far and how to use these symbols to maintain the social identity of their people in spite of new changes in society.

As a doer you enjoy getting started as soon as possible and not get stuck in passive speculation. The world affects you directly, you respond instinctively and are not afraid of making mistakes.

As a realist you enjoy relating things to actual circumstances and see what is straight-forward and plausible. You have a strong sense of reality and prefer staying grounded in it.

As a value-based person you enjoy basing decisions on figurative or metaphorical feeling values. You enjoy looking at how things affect peoples motivation and how actions affect peoples momentum and well-being.

As a perceiver you enjoy quickly changing tasks and exploring new possibilities in the moment. You are quite collaborative and open to changes in plans.

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