The INTJ personality type

"Intellectual Leaders"

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INTJs seek and aspire towards success and development of ideas. You are cautious and take time to warm up to others, and you’re driven and business-oriented. You test and see if people are worthy of your trust. You’re ambitious and proactive but you can take many years before you put your plans in motion. You tend to have strong beliefs and a strong work-ethic. You tend to express your opinions openly and directly, without holding back. You love to take a step back and to think about things in depth. You enjoy small groups or intimate one-to-one interactions, but there’s no place like home. You’re intelligent and value efficiency and people who are able to think up smart ways to do things. You have a knack for knowing if something is going to work and for estimating how successful something could be. You have a good grasp of what exactly it is that you want and how to get there. You generally want something tangible, and you want your goals to have concrete rewards. You are an objective decision maker and you don’t really believe in discussing your decisions with others in advance.

You take time to open up to others. You enjoy share your facts and engaging in logical discussions with others, and you may struggle with a bit of a temper. You appear stern and stoic, and somewhat hard to get to know. You mostly prefer being at home or somewhere where you can focus on your goals. You are introspective and highly capable of independent thought. You enjoy thinking up new solutions and new ways to solve problems.

Because of your love for progress and creativity, you tend to frown on traditions and social necessities. You find politness to often be an obstacle and would rather people just state their opinions openly. This is somewhat paradoxical, because you have a tendency to become quite an authority yourself. INTJs are driven and proactive, almost to the point of becoming pushy about their goals. You’re secure and safe and rarely act recklessly. As an INTJ, you tend to be resistant to new ideas and to new suggestions. You’re firm about your beliefs and when you’ve made up your mind, it’s hard to lure you to the other side. Your ideal romantic partner tends to be the ENTP. Their love for logic, their ability to spread energy and ideas, and their openness to new ideas appeals to you greatly.

Leaders have a preference towards caution, distance, and long-term, big-picture thinking. Leaders lead with their dominant world-view, preferring not to intervene directly. They thrive when they can engage topics and problems with a set interest or perspective, and become uncertain if they can’t think of how to approach a topic. This makes them ideal leaders: they enjoy to be in the position of supervising a system or a group from a distance, but can become affective or detached if this mode is disrupted. They naturally prefer to direct: movies, stories, projects, people, research, or applications, but are also common in areas that require long-term devotion and focus.

They prefer to focus their attention towards things of their interest, controlling the flow of information and how things proceed, with a form of chess-board mentality. They are at their best, when they have thought several steps in advance, and become stressed when they are unable to execute these steps properly. Unanticipated events can get them out of their flow.

Leaders are more self-directed than Executives, and respond worse to supervision and outside control, becoming more affective. In these situations, they can become more choleric and aggressive. Leaders are more productive than Advisors, and feel a stronger desire to intervene and control the situation. If unable to intervene, they become more detached and disengaged, feeling a need to withdraw and pull back.

As an rational, you seek to find the underlying principles that lies behind performing well in tasks, hierarchies and competitions and strive to establish these ideals in society. You are curious of the concepts and ideas that define success and try to refine and redefine these in their path of refining and redefining their own performance as well as the performance of people in their society.

As a thinker you enjoy to cautiously consider what will happen in the future and avoid making misstakes. You have a distance towards the world, respond reflectively and take your time to evaluate new things before you try them.

As a idealist you enjoy relating reality to ideas and concepts and finding new patterns to explain things. You enjoy fantasizing how alternative facts, alternative development of events and perspectives can create new conditions.

As a technician you enjoy basing decisions on impersonal or formal principles. You enjoy evaluating whether things hold up to established principles and guidelines that are independent of social relationships, attachments and feelings.

As a judger you enjoy sticking to tasks until you reach a closure before moving on to anything else. You are quite autonomous and resistant to disruptions.

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