The ENFJ personality type

"Empathic Executives"

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ENFJs are very creative and theatrical in their self-expression. You are outspoken and sociable, warm, and affectionate. You quickly grow to love and appreciate others around you. You’re kind and seek to be a positive influence on the people around you. You tend to have strong existential and personal beliefs. You tend to express your values openly and directly, without much restraint. You love to talk freely about your values and your beliefs with others. You enjoy big or large groups and social settings, and you want things to happen around you wherever you go. You’re playful and prefer fun and carefree social interactions over more work-oriented situations. You show high excitement to life in general, to the point where you can almost come off as choleric. You love to be on stage, dazzling people with your talents and your scene presence.

You tend to be quick to trust and to share with others, freely expressing your quirky thoughts and emotions with others. You freely share your knowledge and your beliefs with others, and while you struggle with a bit of a temper, you tend to be quick to forgive others. You tend to connect with others unusually quickly. You live like a racecar, always forward, often in a fast manner, and it can be difficult for your friends and loved ones to keep track of everything new in your life. You are introspective and highly capable of independent thought. You enjoy thinking up new solutions and new ways to solve problems.

Because of your love for freedom, you show a tendency towards being anti-establishment. You tend to be distrustful of authority figures, and you recommend others to be the same way. ENFJs are passionate and slightly erratic about their values. You sometimes say and do things you regret, but your friends see this as a part of your charm and honesty. As an ENFJ, you tend to be resistant to new ideas and to new suggestions. You’re firm about your beliefs and when you’ve made up your mind, it’s hard to lure you to the other side. Your ideal romantic partner tends to be the INFP. Their spiritual, introspective side, and their inner depth appeals to you greatly.

Executives have a preference towards action, presence, and short-term, hands on experience. Executives drive things forward with their dominant world-view, preferring to intervene directly. They thrive when they can engage topics and problems from a set interest or perspective, and generally prefer to make decisions in the situation instead of corresponding with universal laws and procedures. Executives enjoy to monitor and to be aware of their environment and the people in it. They have fun in controlled environments and clashes of opinions, or fists. They naturally prefer action-filled environments, where there is always something to engage them. They prefer to directly respond to interruptions and to engage conflicts directly.

Executives prefer to focus their attention towards things of their interest, controlling the flow of information related to their world-view, taking on a form of soccer approach to life. They are at their best when they are fully updated on the present situation and when they can respond to any new updates based on instinct. Spending time calculating or anticipating events can break their flow.

Executives require more direct control than Explorers, and respond worse to environments which lack supervision and predetermined standards of procedure, and such situations can make them more distanced and detached. Executives require more action than Leaders, and can become affective and emotional in situations that are unable to keep them engaged.

As an existential, you seek to find the themes and settings which creates the right experience and motivation for people to build a ideal society which is purposeful and ethical. You are curious of the narratives and symbols that form the foundation for what’s right and wrong and strive to refine these in their path of cultivating their ethical compass as well as cultivating the ethical compass of their fellow-man.

As a doer you enjoy getting started as soon as possible and not get stuck in passive speculation. The world affects you directly, you respond instinctively and are not afraid of making mistakes.

As a idealist you enjoy relating reality to ideas and concepts and finding new patterns to explain things. You enjoy fantasizing how alternative facts, alternative development of events and perspectives can create new conditions.

As a value-based person you enjoy basing decisions on figurative or metaphorical feeling values. You enjoy looking at how things affect peoples motivation and how actions affect peoples momentum and well-being.

As a judger you enjoy sticking to tasks until you reach a closure before moving on to anything else. You are quite autonomous and resistant to disruptions.

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