About the personality test

You can read about the personality test below.

The technical name for this test is NJTI-4.
The test is created by Christian Johansson in 2015 and is based on independent research in neuropsychology made by Christian Johansson and Erik Thor in the project Neojungian Typology.

Facts about the test:
  • Eight personality factors with Cronbach's alpha above 0.7 (n = 1000)
  • Exploratory Factor Analysis extracts four orthogonal and four oblique factors with parallell analysis which perfectly fit theorized personality factors (n = 1000, chi-square statistics = 2309, degrees of freedom = 590, p = 3*10^-201)
  • Uses a five point Likert Scale
  • The overwhelming majority of results are outside the middle of the scales (99.74%)