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    • Guidelines for scientific meta analysis
    • 09-19-2017
    • So you read about an awesome scientific study that validates your previous hypothesis about something and you would like to formulate a theory based on scientific studies, how do you do it?

      OK first of all, scientific results about a phenomena usually point in multiple directions, so you need to make an meta-analysis about many scientific results about the same thing find.

      If there is not enough science about your specific topic, say it's only one scientist who rese..
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    • What their type says about you
    • 09-16-2017
    • If we consider that bonding positively affects our sympathy for other people, and sympathy is about understanding other peoples intentions and mindset, then we can deduce from this that if you lack bonding to someone then you will be less sympathetic towards this person, you will be less understanding of this persons intentions and mindset. From this it follows that, the longer the typological distance is between you and another person, the less bonding you probably have with this person.
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    • The phenomenology of the cognitive functions
    • 02-20-2017
    • Alright lets try using descriptive phenomenology on the cognitive functions and see where end up.

      Experiencing objects happening linearly, mechanistically, predetermined or deterministic sequentially. Void of rational (as in self-control) or voluntaristic elements, void of sentient qualities.

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    • Why communication is about consciousness objects
    • 01-03-2017
    • Communication is about sending and receiving messages containing consciousness objects, but this does not mean that messages fully correspond to the conscious objects of the sender or the receiver or that the sender and receivers conscious objects are fully the same.

      This is because messages might fail to fully capture the consciousness objects in two ways:

      The message might fail to capture the intended consciousness objects according to the sender. It could be a ba..
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    • Methodologies of personality enquiry
    • 12-05-2016
    • Oh yes, so another dialectical post trying to iron out the conceptual confusion embedded in the field of personality.

      Example methodologies
      Here comes a list of example methodologies one can use to make personality science:


      Discover an essence of personality you consider useful Articulate under what conditions this essence manifests itself: * Is it limited to certain categories of individuals, i.e. europeans
      * Is it li..
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    • Why you should make a spinn-off based on our work
    • 10-11-2016
    • Did you know we have scientifically based model of personality and that you can make your own spinn-off based on it?

      Just like Neojungian Academy has done.

      We believe that the dialectical process made possible by open licenses create good conditions for the development of a good personality model.

      Check your rights and obligations here.

      Read latest scientific publication here:
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    • A roadmap for philosophical and scientific investigations
    • 09-25-2016
    • So where should we go now when the test is successfull in two cultures? We need to be to evaluate and confirm to what degree personality type descriptions fit people from the perspective of themselves (self-report) and from the perspective of others (intersubjective self-report). After that one could try to quantify categorical nonverbal cues than can be associated with certain constructs, however I'm not sure about the ethics of that route, maybe it's best left undone.

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    • Why everyone has a part to play
    • 09-07-2016
    • It’s very hard to make a logical case for an ontology so instead this is an attempt to articulate my current ontology of individual differences. This is to serve the basis for further investigations.

      All human expressions are true expressions of personality
      Personality is the totality of a persons behavior and self-experience. It is both the physiology and the psychology because there is a relationship between the physical and psychical. In this sense people are alway..
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    • A phenomenal and analytical personality system
    • 08-08-2016
    • Personality is a concept born out of Continental philosophy than begun in the Enlightenment period. The re-discovery of ancient Greek philosophy combined with a experimental and speculative inspiration of Eastern Asian philosophy via Arthur Schopenhauer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger and Carl Jung and many others brought about a movement which is speculating about existential issues, motivational issues, individual differences, phenomenal qualities, subjectivity, soci..
    • Is Our Shadow Function Evil?
    • 07-27-2016
    • In jungian terms, your dominant preference is your hero function: your secondary preference is your good parent, and your third preference is your inner child. Lastly, the fourth function is the "shadow". However, lots of jungian theories suggest the fourth and third function is already highly involved and important in your psyche - all four functions are more or less conscious. So is the fourth function evil? Is the third function "childish" like the Freudian Id?