The INFP personality type

"Empathic Advisors"

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INFPs have many ideas and thoughts about alot of subjects, but they don’t easily share these thoughts with others. As an INFP, you are supportive, polite, warm, and loyal. You take time to warm up to other people. You’re curious and eager to learn about new things. You change your mind frequently, as you have an introspective mind that juggles multiple possibilities back and forth. You tend to be honest and find it difficult to lie to others. You’re very receptive to feedback from others, and you listen intently to people around you. You love to hear about new ideas and new perspectives. You enjoy one-to-one interactions and smaller groups the most, but you tend to be cautious around new people. You’re recreative and prefer play and carefree social interactions over more work-oriented situations. You’re a practical decision maker and you don’t really discuss your decisions much with others. You’re an objective decision maker and you go with your gut.

You tend to take time to trust others, often holding back your feelings and thoughts until you know the other person is going to accept them. You have a cautious, introspective temperament, and you think unusually long about things before you make up your mind on things. But this also means others who come close to you will see you as a thoughtful person. Some people call you a healer, because you get them to feel more in tune with their emotions. You are introspective and highly capable of independent thought. You enjoy thinking up new solutions and new ways to solve problems. You’re often trying to create order and structure around you, but you have a tendency to change things up often - nothing really remains the same around you for long.

INFPs tend to have a high need for spirituality and for deeper, mysterious experiences. You read and experiment with spiritual beliefs and existential perspectives. You tend to see life as precious and inherently meaningful, as something to be nurtured and loved.

Advisors enjoy distance, caution, and reflection in adaptive, free-flow environments. They lead with silent curiosity, enjoying to meticulously study a topic or interests various details or viewpoints. They prefer not to intervene in things directly, instead offering advice or running trials from a distance. This makes them ideal teachers or analysts: they enjoy the position of answering questions and informing people on a topic, but prefer to do so in a less direct and controlled manner than the leaders. They have the most fun in relaxed, informal settings, with little pressure, and a lot of free-flow brainstorming.

They prefer to analyze conditions and possibilities, and tend to have more of a line-dancers mentality, often juggling and revising their positions on various issues and problems, offering the most in-depth, thorough and careful decision makers. In optimal environments they are given ample time for reflection and brainstorming in collaboration with others.

In situations that are too fast-paced and reactive, they become more affective and emotional. They also tend to become more distanced and cool in situations that require them to assume a position of authority and control.

As an existential, you seek to find the themes and settings which creates the right experience and motivation for people to build a ideal society which is purposeful and ethical. You are curious of the narratives and symbols that form the foundation for what’s right and wrong and strive to refine these in their path of cultivating their ethical compass as well as cultivating the ethical compass of their fellow-man.

As a thinker you enjoy to cautiously consider what will happen in the future and avoid making misstakes. You have a distance towards the world, respond reflectively and take your time to evaluate new things before you try them.

As a idealist you enjoy relating reality to ideas and concepts and finding new patterns to explain things. You enjoy fantasizing how alternative facts, alternative development of events and perspectives can create new conditions.

As a value-based person you enjoy basing decisions on figurative or metaphorical feeling values. You enjoy looking at how things affect peoples motivation and how actions affect peoples momentum and well-being.

As a perceiver you enjoy quickly changing tasks and exploring new possibilities in the moment. You are quite collaborative and open to changes in plans.

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