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How Body Language Influences Personality Type

  • Published: 08-11-2015 Edited: 08-11-2015
  • While visual signals are hard to spot, I am able to predict a persons neojungian type with atleast a very high accuracy, much higher than the accuracy if my results would have come up purely by chance (6% accuracy or lower) The accuracy will increase as our test becomes more efficient at tracking down types, as well as when I become more experienced and skilled in the art of visual typing. This is a new skill: nobody has been able to systemize this before (besides one fringe group with an inefficient and almost impossible to learn method of typing people.) so I am going to do my best to take forward manuals which are easy to learn, with signals that are easy to spot. So here is your chance to learn a completely unique skill: learning how to know everything about another person simply by studying their behavior from a distance for a few seconds.

    At the moment, I do most of my visual typing in the morning, and if you have any requests for people you want to type, send me videos or images at erik[at], preferrably uploaded to a website.

    From what I have learnt so far:

    There is a correlation between how much a person activates their forehead muscles and Explorative / Bottom-up processing. (Fighter or Explorer) This correlation is anti-correlated to how much a person activates their eyelid muscles: such a person should instead test as evaluative on our personality test (and show a higher use of top-down processing!) (Leader or Teacher signal)

    Abstract Explorative types show unconscious, natural, relaxed activation of the forehead muscles, but tense, locked, firm activation of the eyelid muscles. Abstract evaluative types instead show unconscious, natural, relaxed activation of the eyelid muscles, but tense, locked, firm activation of the forehead muscles. Relaxed activation causes more round lines and wrinkles. Focused activation causes more linear and unnatural wrinkles.

    There is a correlation between how much a person activates their lower cheek-muscles and execution/goal-oriented personality traits. (Fighter or Leader) If you instead activate your upper jaw muscles, you should test as a processing personality type. (Explorer or Teacher)

    Organic Execution (***OE) types have a relaxed activation of their lower cheek muscles and a tense, firm activation of their jaws (locked in place) and their nose as a result of mechanic processing (***MP). Mechanic Execution (***ME) types have a tense activation of their lower cheek muscles aswell as organic processing (***OP) causing a relaxed, natural activation of the lower jaw muscles.

    Why? Everyone is always typing others visually, based on stereotypes or shallow ideas. We study others smiles, eyes, and their interactions, because it gives us an unconscious idea of their personality. It helps us know who we want to approach (for example our ideal match) vs who we want to avoid, as well as who look and remind us of us. Because there are networks in the brain responsible for unconscious muscle activation, causing natural, relaxed motions, as well as muscles responsible for conscious, firm motions. This has however never been explained or systemized before. So here's an unique opportunity to begin to learn and to discover type in people. More information and resources on this will be added with time, so stay tuned!

    Learn more by reading through our visual typing resource.