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Why everyone has a part to play

  • Published: 09-07-2016 Edited: 09-08-2016
  • It’s very hard to make a logical case for an ontology so instead this is an attempt to articulate my current ontology of individual differences. This is to serve the basis for further investigations.

    All human expressions are true expressions of personality
    Personality is the totality of a persons behavior and self-experience. It is both the physiology and the psychology because there is a relationship between the physical and psychical. In this sense people are always true to their personality and all human expressions are true expressions of personality. We do not need to enter the rabbit hole of saying that personality is entirely physical, that question is irrelevant for this ontology. Personality is all human expressions.

    Ontic experience exists
    There exists consciousness in the world and there exists experiences of beings in the world. People have qualia or an experience of existence.

    Individual differences in epistemics
    Individual differences of mind manifests at a epistemical level causing individual differences in linguistical and semiotical representations of experience. People cognize differently about the existence. People explain the same experience in different ways.

    Individual differences in preferences for epistemology and ontology
    Individual differences of epistemics manifests in individual differences in preferences for epistemologies and ontologies. People prefer different representations of the world. People follows certain philosophical patterns throughout their life.

    So why would this be the case? I think it’s obvious that it’s the case given the enormous conflict between people about these issues and the actuality of different camps of philosophers and scientists supporting different representations. Also the evidence for linking individual differences of brain with individual differences of epistemologies, ontologies and philosophies support this argument.

    The world strives for balance through dialectics
    Nature strives for balance and the only way to get balance is to make equally strong forces cancel each other out. This also means that all people have an important part to play in the narrative of the world, regardless of their personality. When there is a lack of balance things turn bad.

    • Introversion need Extroversion for balance. Cautiousness must be balanced with daringness.
    • Intuition needs Sensing for balance. Fantasy must be balanced with authenticity.
    • Thinking needs Feeling for balance. Ruthless facts must be balanced with ethics.
    • Judging needs Perceiving for balance. Goal-directedness must be balanced with stimuli-directedness.

    I believe that the same thing is true for relationships, that people need a dialectical counterforce to create a balance with.

    But why does nature strive for balance?
    Nature strives for dialectical balance because reality is complicated and the best way to deal with it is to find the epistemological and ontological middle-ground.