MBTI vs Pod'lair vs Jungs Psychological Types

  • Published: 02-19-2014 Edited: 02-19-2014
  • I think MBTI basically took the work of Carl Jung and reworked it from being a categorization of cognition,
    Jung obviously intended the "psychological types" to be related to cognition instead of identity,
    but MBTI made a test that tests for identity and describes it of being a implicit extension to Jungs work.

    So when people hear the functions (for example Ni or Ne), they associate them semantically with identity-traits
    rather than cognitive traits because of the MBTI.

    I think Pod'lair turned this movement around and identified cues that are thought to correlate to cognitive traits
    rather than identity-traits. Several other movements have started now as well like Cognitive Type,

    Problem is, when people talk MBTI-types (for example INTJ, ESTP) they associate them semantically with identity
    instead of cognition, so it's not possible to discuss using Jung's terminology without people associating it with the
    MBTI semantics.

    So Pod'lair is about cognition, Jungs psychological types was also about cognition, MBTI is about identity and people
    are trying to discuss using the same terminology. It is not certain that Pod'lair types and Mojo powers correlate with the
    semantics of Jungs psychological types and cognitive functions.