Fighters in relationships

Fighters challenge us. They help push and motivate us to deal with problems in our immediate environment. They help us improve. They get us to support and back each other’s, and to stand up for those that are against us. But they sometimes push people too hard. They can become overly demanding, expecting too much from others. It’s important for Fighters to have productive relationships, which lead somewhere.

Inspirational pairings (Teachers – Fighters in relationships)

In this inspirational pairing, fighters meet someone that can find a reason not to do anything, at all times. Teachers find Explorers to work themselves too hard, doing their best to protect the fighter from unanticipated problems. Fighters try to push Teachers to be their best version of themselves, causing the relation to be in an eternal tug of war which tends to both motivate and give both partners focus and clarity.

Stable pairings (Explorers – Fighters in relationships)

In this relationship pairing, both tend to find focus and clarity from interacting with the other, but when they need motivation and energy, these two types can’t help each other’s. Fighters keep Explorers working towards a certain path, no matter what happens. Explorers keep Fighters posted on changes and new problems that need to be dealt with.

Productive pairings (Leaders – Fighters in relationships)

With Leaders, Fighters find someone that helps them make up their mind and values. Fighters help Leaders realize and stand up for a plan or decision, pushing it forward to the group regardless of the potential critics. This is a productive pairing, as well as a motivational pairing. Both find each other’s to be energizing, a bit too energizing, sometimes causing both to become overly vigilant and somewhat hyperactive.

Competitive pairings (Fighters - Fighters)

Here, you meet someone who understands your behavior and methods perfectly well, but someone who also competes for the same arena. What tends to happen in these relations is, one person goes into the role of being the strongest person, making the calls and pushing the other person forward. But the person being pushed around is always trying to produce more results than the first, causing the relationship to be a competitive one.