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    • Published: 03-03-2014 03:57 am
      Updated: 03-03-2014 03:59 am
    • To determine peoples initial type Nardi uses several weeks of testing to the point where he feel confident that people are a certain type. If he is not sure about a type he will exclude that person from his research. Nardi calls this typing for something like 'best-selection-type'. Nardi uses MBTI type terminology for types (like INTJ, ESFJ, etc) but does not use the MBTI as a framework for type but rather Jungian functions in the 8-function model of John Beebe's.

      Nardi then uses a EEG attached to the head on students while they perform various tasks.

      By analyzing EEG data he tries to find correlation with the students type and EEG data.

      Since Nardi couldn't find any brain activity location to jungian function correlation he tries to correlate statistical patterns with type. He claims he can match patterns of brain activity with jungian functions over a period of time. Though he also claims he can't type people just by looking at their EEG data.

      To note is that the EEG only measure activity in a portion of the neocortex, this means that most brain activity are hidden with this tool.
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    • Published: 03-03-2014 10:51 pm
      Updated: 03-03-2014 10:53 pm
    • Indeed, he is only looking at a very thin slice of the brain.

      What I also find interesting is that there is pretty much zero mention of his work outside of the typology community. I've googled his work several times over and all the resulting links (besides the Amazon book pages) point to typology-related websities, typology discussion forums and his own promotional materials.

      At best, it seems he's come up with a system for putting Jungian-inspired descriptive labeles (based on behavioral corrollation attempts) on brain activity centers that neuroscientists have undoubtebly gone over many times. Nardi certainly hasn't proven the existence of innate cognitive configuration. People on typology forums do certainly seem to love his presentation however.
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    • Published: 03-29-2014 02:09 pm
    • Since I have read more about brain science I have realized that what Dario Nardi sees through EEG is neocortex memory activation.

      It is longterm memory that is consolidated into the neocortex that is triggered on different activities.

      Even though memory consolidation should correlate with brain type on some degree, it's not certain and it's a very weak method to use. The fact that he didn't use EEG as one should makes the research even weaker.
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