Our goals and targets for Neojungian Typology

  1. We want to gather and share new information with you about personality types, psychology and neuroscience.
  2. We want to provide a chatroom, a forum, a blog and a personal messaging system so that anyone who is interested can join in on our discussions and help our research.
  3. We want to improve our evidence based personality system
  4. We want to help companies, therapists, and individuals find meaningful ways to use personality psychology in their communication, coaching and relationships.
  5.  In order to reach goal one, we need to improve our design and website organization so that newcomers and old members can easily find the appropriate resources. To reach goal two, we still need to implement a chatroom and a personal messaging system. To reach goal three, we need people who will take and evaluate our tests and how our questions are interpreted, as well as people who will evaluate our personality descriptions and how we interpret the scientific resources we use for personality psychology discussion.

  6. Currently NJT consists of Christian Johansson and Erik Thor, but anyone is welcome to participate in this theoretical open-science project. We greatly appreciate hearing of new articles and findings in the field of psychology, biology and neuroscience, and we are very open to hearing your interpretations and perspectives on this field. There are lots of different areas you could help with so you are very welcome to sign up on the forum.   We are now looking for financial backers and financing to support our efforts of creating a better model and theory for how humans work, that can be sold and distributed to any businesses or individuals who seek to use this information to improve for example their relationships, teambuilding, coaching or their communication. The open character of this project is to make sure there is a free and collaborative flow of information going in and out from this project.

    You can contact us at:  .