Teachers in relationships


Teachers help us prepare for what is to come. They make us feel safe, staying ahead of anything that’s happening. They seem to know us and what we will do better than anyone. But teachers sometimes postpone decisions for too long. They avoid voicing their needs to others, and they can be too secretive at times. It’s important for teachers to maintain their needs for staying ahead of the situation, by letting themselves have time to prepare and think ahead, in order to maintain healthy relationships.

Inspirational pairings (Teachers – Fighter relationships)

In this inspirational pairing, fighters meet someone that can find a reason not to do anything, at all times. Teachers find Explorers to work themselves too hard, doing their best to protect the fighter from unanticipated problems. Fighters try to push Teachers to be their best version of themselves, causing the relation to be in an eternal tug of war which tends to both motivate and give both partners focus and clarity.

Stable pairings (Teacher – Leader relationships)

With Teachers, Leaders find someone to confide in. Teachers help Leaders make up their mind, analyzing and helping Leaders understand various possibilities. Leaders help Teachers find a sense of direction, helping Teachers realize what they want to do with their life. This is a pairing that makes you mentally stable and focused, at the cost of being somewhat demotivating.

Productive pairings (Explorers – Teacher relationships)

In this relationship pairing, both tend to find motivation and energy from interacting with the other. Encouraging each other’s, they risk sometimes lacking in focus and control. Teachers have to stay on their feet around Explorers, as Explorers keep rushing forward changes and new possibilities, faster than a Teacher can prepare. Teachers on the other hand, try hard to keep Explorers safe from risks and bad decisions, though they find Explorers don’t really tend to listen.

Competitive pairings (Teacher – Teacher relationships)

Here, you meet someone who understands your behavior and methods perfectly well, but someone who also competes for the same arena. What tends to happen in these relations is, one person goes into the role of the caretaker, while the other becomes the one accepting the help and support. But the one being taken care of constantly tries to catch up to the caretaker, trying to outsmart them, trying to be more prepared than they are, causing the relationship to be competitive.