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A Next Generation Personality Psychology, v.1.0

  • Published: 07-16-2015 Edited: 12-31-1969
  • If you're a regular, you might have noticed that this website has undergone big changes recently. We're getting ready to take bigger steps out into the public with this model, and we'd love if you'd join us on this adventure! Big thanks to all the people spreading our website and test, helping us make this as good as possible.

    In the menu above, you can find information about sixteen types. They are:

    • Empathic or Intellectual or Practical or Social
    • Leaders or Teachers or Explorers or Fighters

    If you've taken our test, which is subject to a major update soon, you have been suggested a personality type based on who you are when you are motivated and high on energy and when you are emotionally aware. In difference with old tests, we don't measure your personality by how often you behave in a certain way, how good you are at it, or how much you think it relates to you. Instead, we try to measure personality by what makes you active and emotionally healthy. We appreciate all the positive feedback on this innovative way of asking questions, and we hope to make it even easier for you in the coming update!

    In difference with old personality type theories, such as the MBTI, The Big5, and Socionics, our system is based on neuroscience. We have complete resources on all the networks and the concepts we discuss, which you can begin to access here. We're the first evidence based personality model - the Big5, while interesting, didn't measure personality, it only measured your observable behavior. We want to tell you about gifts that you have - but hadn't noticed you had!

    In difference with older personality models, we have also uncovered key information on health, relationships & motivation. We study health by noting how a person born with a particular personality type responds emotionally and energetically to changes in behavior and environment. We can because of this offer key advice for people who are suffering from hyperactivity, low energy, moodiness, anxiety, or passiveness, on how to come more into their own, as well as how to maintain good emotional health. We map out your health by giving you four sub-types, predictable types which your behavior should change between depending on your mood and environment. Your sub-types are based on information about consciousness, emotional awareness, cognitive and unconscious behavioral patterns. The sub-types are:

    • Active or stable or hyperactive or passive.

    We'd appreciate any help spreading the site, as well as any feedback on how the test or descriptions could be improved. There are going to be alot of updates to the website within the following weeks and we'll try to keep you updated in following blog posts!