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Personal Type Descriptions

  • Published: 08-04-2015 Edited: 08-04-2015
  • It's long been requested for the personality descriptions to be more personalized: previously, we only gave information on your dominant worldview and your dominant temperament, but now, we have personal type descriptions up for all the abstract types. So start reading your personality type description now: click "NJTI Test" in the top menu and navigate to your type, for example Empathic > Teacher.

    The personality test is also undergoing extensive updates. Christian is doing hero work to create a test which with high accuracy can determine your neojungian type, and based on the hundreds of test results we've had over the last week, we seem to be well on our way to this goal! Our personality test should already be one of the most accurate out there, because we measure personality against which activities makes you 1. Motivated and 2. Energized and focused.

    We started out as visual typers, studying the relationship between body language and personality types. And when testing my ability to successfully predict a persons personality type based solely on their facial muscle activation, I found about 70% correlation between my prediction, and their result, showing there is a high correlation between a persons facial expressions and their score on various neuroscience-based personality traits. That's very high. And if you go study our new personality descriptions, our health and relationships sections, you can begin to learn to identify these traits as well! I believe this new way of doing personality psychology could be immensively useful in HR, Coaching, and for personal growth. We've got the beginning of a gold mine and anyone is welcome to join us in our studies. Check out our newly started facebook group with over 125 members here if you have any thoughts or questions!