What music activates your limbic system?

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    • Published: 03-14-2014 06:05 pm
      Updated: 03-14-2014 06:06 pm
    • From this thread.

      "Interesting and logical, so in relation to Neojungian Typology music listening probably activates organic contexualization. "

      So the limbic system is all about emotions and survival needs such sexuality and food.

      What music do you listen to when you are doing something which doesn't involve communicating with people, like walking, training, running etc?
      And what kind of experience do the music create inside of you?
      Why do you like to listen to music at these moments?

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    • Published: 03-14-2014 06:13 pm
      Updated: 03-14-2014 06:29 pm
    • Yeah, for example this music is something I only listen when I'm exercising:

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    • Published: 03-14-2014 06:16 pm
      Updated: 03-14-2014 06:16 pm
    • And one have to listen to it with headphones.:boxing-smiley It must be intense.:electric-smiley
    • Published: 03-14-2014 06:16 pm
    • Right now I listen to this, I'm much into kind of emotional melodies and soulful singing when out walking. I feel this activates my Organic Contexualization (that is Organic Processing)

    • Published: 03-18-2014 03:47 pm
    • I listen to stuff like this when relaxing and drifting off into thought

    • Published: 04-23-2014 03:54 pm
    • Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I listen to pretty much any music that has a sad undertone to it...Overtone too.
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    • Published: 04-23-2014 04:44 pm
      Updated: 04-23-2014 04:44 pm
    • Interesting. What type are you?

      Sad music makes me go into my emotions in a often negative way. Like I get more passive and anxious.
    • Published: 04-23-2014 05:00 pm
      Updated: 04-23-2014 05:01 pm
    • I'm an MBTI ENFP based on a ton of research and self testing, and according to TheFaceReader's model as well. According to the NJTI test, I am AOP, which I believe is supposed to correlate with NFP anyways.

      It makes me access negative emotion too, but for whatever reason that seems to draw me even more to it. This seems to be a reoccuring theme in MBTI-styled Fi users, at least based on my group of friends lol.
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    • Published: 04-23-2014 05:05 pm
    • That makes total sense. I think you need to have a Organic Processing (*OP) as your preferred state to be able to get energy out of sad / melancholy music.
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