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    • Published: 03-21-2014 06:20 am
    • In august I found that negotiators (NTP-SFJ), directors (NTJ-SFP), builders (NFP-STJ) and explorers (NFJ-STP) have distinct body types. Now I think that chemicals are the primary cause of this. Chemicals drive our personality and affect our body and interaction with the world. So I did a read up on Helen Fishers hyphothesis on the four types and then read up on the four chemicals and came up with this. I hope you find it interesting.

      P.S: Alot has been up over a pending job offer and school and politics, so I haven't had alot of time to write lately, but I managed to write a starting scrap today atleast. :)
    • Published: 03-21-2014 09:05 am
      Updated: 03-21-2014 09:06 am
    • Great thanks for sharing!

      I also believe in 'body-types', question is where is the connection, it is somewhere but how and why.

      In Neojungian Typology, the Organic contexualization is related to activity with the limbic system (emotions and cravings). When we are out walking and mind goes into day-dreaming / self-monologuing Execution task is activated (frontopolar cortex) and if you have Organic Execution (OE) this means your limibic system gets activated.

      And what's funny is that the limbic system is also related to moving of the body. So my current hypothesis is that you can spot which people have Organic Execution (OE) and who has Deterministic Execution (DE) just by looking at how they walk.

      The Organic Executors seems to have a more effortless moving of the body while the Deterministic Executors have a more "deterministic-sequenced" movement of the body (like from point A then to point B then turn around...)

      Here is a clickable-link to your document.
    • Published: 03-25-2014 03:43 pm
    • I think this is inline with Neojungian Typology but on a higher level.

      The regulating of chemicals are controlled by the brain, basal ganglia (BG) and other areas using chemicals to control the body and control the brain.

      So it's plausible this theory correlates with Neojungian Typology.
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