Looking for new definitions for AE, AP, CE, CP, AO, CO

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    • Published: 08-13-2015 07:08 am
      Updated: 08-13-2015 07:59 am
    • Before we made changes to the self-reporting test to include more traits we had a very good accuracy. One of the problem with the previous test was that it excluded a lot of traits from types which we didn't find significant correlations for.
      Now with more traits we struggle to define some traits in a way which gives a significant score based on individual differences.

      These traits have pretty solid definitions with good spread and anti-correlations:
      OE, ME, OP, MP, GE, GP, FE, FP, MG, MF, OG, OF, AG, CG, AF, CF, VG, VF, XG, XF, AM, CM

      I think that is quite a impressive list of 22 statistically significant traits.

      These traits are currently suffering from bad definitions causing bad spread and no significant anti-correlations:
      AE, CE, AP, CP, AO, CO

      We could follow the principle of Occam's razor and just be content with reducing the number of traits per type but I would rather see that we can come up with better definitions. We had the same issue before with the traits like MP, OP, GE, AG, CG, AF, CF and GP before and managed to find new definitions which produce good statistics so it is possible that we will be able to do that again.
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