Mental abilities are shaped by individual differences in the brain

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    • Published: 02-27-2016 01:39 am
    • "Everyone has a different mixture of personality traits: some are outgoing, some are tough and some are anxious. A new study suggests that brains also have different traits that affect both anatomical and cognitive factors, such as intelligence and memory. "

      "Using a statistical technique called independent component analysis, the researchers grouped measures that were related to each other into four unique traits. Together, these four traits explained most of the differences in the anatomy of individuals' brains. The traits were mostly driven by differences in brain biology, including brain size and shape, as well as the individual's age. The factors failed to explain differences in cognitive abilities between people. The researchers then examined the brain differences that were unexplained by the four traits. These remaining differences accounted for the individual differences in intelligence and memory."

      This sounds promising. Four traits, or factors, or components (people use different words), is what we find as well.

      Here is the original article:
    • Published: 02-27-2016 01:59 am
      Updated: 02-28-2016 03:24 am
    • So they link these 4 traits to differences in anatomy:

      1. Fluid intelligence (gF)
      2. Working memory (wm)
      3. Executive function (ef)
      4. Episodic memory (em)

      These are also the only cognitive variables they measure so one cannot conclude that there couldn't be more traits / factors / components than this.
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