What are you? Introvert? Extrovert? or just a Human?

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    • Published: 03-10-2016 09:12 am
      Updated: 03-10-2016 09:14 am
    • "Look on the Internet and you can find countless quizzes which will recognize you as an introvert or extrovert. When either of these couldn’t suffice, we came up with another term, Ambivert. We love to label ourselves, Don’t we? As much as we categorise people as tall or short, we also tend to categorise people on the based of personality types as if it as an ingrained feature. Personality is what we develop as we grow and absorb information. We do not have a fixed personality as it keeps on changing with each passing day or even situations."


      My thoughts:

      • Yes, humans like to label things in order to be able to cognize and communicate about them
      • Yes, your personality are changing depending on context and state
      • No, people are not all the same
      • No, people don't totally change behavior each moment or each day

      "A person who labelled himself as an “Introvert” at any early age could start behaving like an extrovert if some circumstances shape their life. Opportunity shapes most of our personality and it would be misleading to label anyone depending on any circumstance."

      • So labeling someone as 'alive' due to the circumstance of being born is wrong?
      • Or being a 'boy' because the circumstance of having male gentials?
      • Or as being 'sad' from the circumstance of an accident
      • Or as an 'introvert' for the circumstance of a personality-questionaire?
      • Or as an 'warrior' because of the Met/Met COMT genotype?

      This article is confused over basic properties of linguistics
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