Neuroscientists create ‘atlas’ showing how words are organised in the brain

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    • Published: 04-29-2016 07:11 am
      Updated: 04-29-2016 07:21 am
    • "Using brain imaging, scientists have built a map displaying how words and their meanings are represented across different regions of the brain"

      The most interesting part I think is the different categories that can be extracted:

      • visual
      • tactile
      • outdoor
      • number
      • place
      • bodypart
      • violence
      • person
      • social
      • mental
      • time

      Broader categories are:

      • visuospatial (visual, tactile, outdoor, number, place)
      • physical (bodypart, violence)
      • social (social, person)
      • metaphysical (mental, time)

      Even broader categories are:

      • physical (visual, tactile, number, place, outdoor, bodypart)
      • social (social, person, mental, time)

      It fits quite perfect with previous neuroscience linking external attention with systemizing and internal attention with social cognition.

      You can use the semantic map interactive program here.

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