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    • Published: 06-14-2016 06:37 am
      Updated: 06-15-2016 03:54 am
    • Myers and Briggs associates Judging with list-oriented which we do not. Otherwise it's quite similar.


      • I like to have things decided.
      • I appear to be task oriented.
      • I like to make lists of things to do.
      • I like to get my work done before playing.
      • I plan work to avoid rushing just before a deadline.
      • Sometimes I focus so much on the goal that I miss new information.

      • Perceiving:
      • I like to stay open to respond to whatever happens.
      • I appear to be loose and casual. I like to keep plans to a minimum.
      • I like to approach work as play or mix work and play.
      • I work in bursts of energy.
      • I am stimulated by an approaching deadline.
      • Sometimes I stay open to new information so long I miss making decisions when they are needed."
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