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    • Published: 02-12-2015 09:47 am
      Updated: 02-13-2015 08:16 am
    • Below is a list of personality descriptors for the various types out there, as based on our summaries on neuroscience and personality. These types all correspond to certain traits and behaviors associated with different neural patterns, but also to particular emotions and needs that the different types have. Hope you find it interesting!
      The Magician (AOE)

      Core interest:
      Keeping people on the path to growth.

      Magicians primary desire come from seeking to create and direct their vitality to ensure that the world keeps growing and that new ideas can emerge, making them preoccupied with harmony on a large-scale and long-time perspective. This is a result of Abstract & Organic Execution (AOE). Magicians deal with negative emotions such as impatience, anger, and frustration, in particular, these emotions arise when they feel that their ideas are ineffective, or when they feel that others don't listen to or follow their advice, but also when they neglect their own immidiate needs and desires because they are too focused on the future. Magicians deal with and set strong standards on themselves and others, in particular when it comes to your frame of mind and your conduct, and so, they will usually let others know in some way that they are acting out of line, that they are hurting others, or that they are disrupting the plan for long-time harmony.

      Magicians act out of a desire to avoid putting others in a position of harm, giving people advice on how to avoid hurt, aswell as avoiding hurting others, causing them to be on a fight towards an idea of true peace. But Magicians struggle to help those who have experienced hurt and traumas in their life, they don't know how to cope with those that have neglected their advice, or those that have hurt others, causing them to see that these people need force and a push forward, rather than a helping hand to come back to a new balance again.

      Magicians are very involved with our perspective or mental state, how we see the world, and so, while healers work practically to help others, magicians work through guiding and instructing others. They believe that the problems and issues with the world are usually arising from how people see and look at each others, and so, they want to change our perception of the world to make the world a better place to live in. Magicians often struggle from expending too much of their energy to push themselves forward, and this can cause long-term consequences if they neglect themselves too much or put in too much effort.

      The Sage (AMG)

      Core interest: Learning how to be the best.

      The Sage is a mental state that comes from using Abstract Mechanic Cognition (AMG) simoultaneously to consider your performance, your status, and your overall success rating. Sages are highly self-evaluating, often feeling needs to pull into themselves to study a theory or idea, before they execute it. Sages seek either mastery of their bodies, or wisdom inside a specified field, and they pride themselves on being able to answer and guide others to take hands into their own matter, rather than seeking the center of the stage to tackle issues on their own. Sages can struggle with anxiety over their performance, feeling like they aren't good enough, aren't capable enough, and this can trigger feelings of jealousy within them, aswell as tendencies towards isolation.

      At their worst, they never dare to get out of their tower to pursue their dreams, at best, they can accomplish amazing feats within their field of interest, breaking records or having a big impact on their field, or even the entire world. In this situation, they often end up attracting alot of questions, people with an interest in them, their advice, and their view on world issues. This is ideal for the sage, as they strongly desire to be admired like the Paladin is admired, on the fields they pride themselves on. Sages are inspired by Paladins, as they feel like The Paladin has an unwavering strength and an ability to work through any problem, no matter how difficult.

       AOE Performer, Jimmy Fallon, image source.

      The Performer (COF)

      Core interest: Inspiring people to be themselves.

      People in this form often rely on the cognitive pattern of Concrete & Organic Affection (COF), causing them to be involved with questions of image, shame, and appreciation. These performers strongly seek to be liked and appreciated for being original in their field of work and their interests. They will often seek to attract the attention of others in the group through loud speaking, pronounced gestures, and originality, that shows others they are interesting and worthy of others curiosity. Performers make good actors, comedians, teachers, really, they can be found in any line of work where they can have an audience to communicate with.

      The performers are highly authentic in how they react spontaneously, without holding back, just what they are feeling, expressing many different sides of themselves, in a constant dialogue with a perceived audience, someone who's opinion they are interested in. For them, every single encounter, regardless how random or short, has an impact on their behavior and their identity, causing people to see them expressing new sides of themselves with every new day. Detectives may feel inspired to see someone expressing themselves so carelessly; their initial impression of the performer is that they are ready to be original, no matter what others think, though they may also worry that the performer is too flexible in their identity, starting to wonder who or what the performer does is authentic, and what is just for show, causing the detectives to use their deductive skills to figure out 'the truth' that the performer often forgets.

      The Aristocrat (CMP)

      Core interest:
      Inspiring people to look out for themselves.

      This archetype manage their concerns and worries by accumulating money, status, and a higher standing in society, hoping that achieving a higher standing in society will make them more safe and comfortable. Aristocrats are ready to test how much they can get away with, relying on various strategies to raise in stature, at worst breaking laws and putting others in danger out of their desire for power. Because of their access to power, many come to them asking for help, loans or deals that can benefit both parties, and they can often be highly influential on a societal level because they are so assertive of themselves. The key message the aristocrat is trying to teach us is the value of looking out for and standing up for your own interests.

      The Healer (AOP)

      Core interest:
      Supporting others to grow.

      The healer is an archetype of restoring and bringing vitality and new life into the world, helping people cope through their ills and wounds, restoring energy and spirit. This archetype comes from the use of Abstract & Organic Processing (AOP). They have become healers because they feel receptive to and notice when others are feeling lifeless or apathic, and because they naturally pay an interest in interpreting and thinking about why people have ended up the way they are. The healer feels at their best when they can help others find new balance, new footing on the ground. But the healer often struggles to see how they may be hurting or damaging themselves in their quest to save others, and at worst, they fail to recognize that if they put themselves at risk, they may be unable to help others in the future, and so, Healers may find Magicians highly inspiring. As Healers work with instant remedies, cures, and helping those that have sustained damage, healers may find that they can help people, but that people will still continue to go out and put themselves in harms way, and that's where Magicians come in handy: Magicians protect others and themselves from harm, and healers heal those that have been put in harms way.

      The healer can get too caught up in helping others, because the need is real, doctors are high on demand, serving the role of modern day Jesus, and becoming too preoccupied with this, they can fail to take responsibility for their future. Healers can be both counsellors, psychologists and doctors, but they can also find themselves in other lines of work, social activism, or areas where they can help others in some way or another.

      The Detective (COG)

      Core interest:
      Remembering and staying in touch with who they are.

      The Detective relies on Organic and Concrete Cognition (COG) to analyze questions of identity, desires, and motivations, using their assessments to deduct where people are coming from. The detective therefore falls into patterns of constant second-guessing of their dreams and who they are, never quite sure what they are going to become or who they are. Despite their own insecurities within this area, they are one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to inter and intrapersonal understanding. They fall into the detective archetype, as they make brilliant analysts, listening to others stories and sharing to fill in and understand what is left unsaid, and relying on gut reactions to deduct which stories are truly authentic, so that a persons behavior reflects the persons true desires and needs.

      Because of sometimes bottled up feelings of shame, they may feel like they are never truly a part of anything, and that they are permanent outsiders, feeling judged and pushed away by others.They may need time to develop confidence in their gut-reactions, but even without saying anything, others will often feel safe to open up to the detective, giving them access to valuable information on the people around them. Detectives seek to walk off-beat, to be unique, individuals who have been able to come into their identity through self-reflection and self-respect. The problem is that they struggle with the judgements of others. So they test others opinions, by testing the limits of their self-expression, finding unique ways to express who they are. Detectives are highly inspiring for performers, as performers feel more understood by a detective, than the performer understands themselves. Interestingly, the detective often is so self-reflective about their own identity, that even though others strongly admire their interpersonal perception, they themselves doubt their own ability to understand others. Despite their own doubts on who they are, detectives are the number one archetype to remain true to their own values and identity regardless of what happens.

       Lauren Graham, AOP Paladin

      The Paladin (AMF)

      Core interest:
      Inspiring people to be successfull.

      The AOP's may in Abstract Mechanic Affection (AOF) move into an archetype called The Paladin. This archetype is interested in being seen as competent, actively seeking admiration from others by championing important and challenging tasks for the sake of the group, while at the same time trying hard to maintain an image of unwavering strength: energy and power that will never waver, no matter how hard the challenge they are facing. Paladins secretly seek validation and acknowledgement for their strength, but will still act humbly and with a sense of pride and duty to society. Paladins set standards on others unconsciously, simply by inspiring others through their behavior. Paladins on the other hand, are highly inspired by originality in performance. Paladins follow every book, every piece of advice they can find and use in their practical life, and therefore, they are drawn to sages, as Sages often have alot of writing and guides to offer The Paladin, on their quest towards overcoming challenges within their fields.

      Paladins are anxious that they may be controlled by others, and that they may be harmed by others, if they let themselves be vulnerable around people, and so, a core value for them is freedom of expression. But this anxiety may put them in a position where they never drop their guard, constantly protecting themselves from the potential to be hurt, putting them in positions where it’s hard for them to be vulnerable in relationships with others.

      The Citizen (CME)

      Core interest:
      Making people protect each others.

      Law abiding, these types are highly likely to end up in the police force or in some other area where they can work on ensuring that people are secure and that our society is safe. Through the use of Concrete & Mechanic Execution, they respond to fear and worry in a controlled and directive manner, focusing on their main concerns, and trying to live an orderly and normal life if they can. There's nobody you can feel safer around, and so, many come to the Citizen in hope of protection. Citizens are common in team-related lines of work, working as supports to their team, focusing on their assigned roles and duties.
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    • Published: 02-12-2015 09:48 am
      Updated: 02-13-2015 08:01 am
    • The Ranger (AME)

      Core interest:
      Working towards long-term success.

      Abstract & Mechanic Execution (AME) falls into the main archetype of The Ranger. This is because of their tendency towards understanding their environment, they know their field of interest, they have an amazing oversight over their interests, and they are masters of administering and managing the system. Rangers spend alot of time scouting and keeping up to date with their fields, out of fear that their current knowledge is going to be outdated if they don't keep educating themselves. Rangers often have clear long-term goals, or some direction that they are heading towards in life, and most of their work is done to stay devoted to this project of becoming masters within their fields of interest. They tend to attract the interest of Rogues (AMP) as Rogues find it interesting how well thought out their plans and goals are.

      AME, Hillary Clinton

      The Monk (AOG)

      Core Interest: Remembering life lessons and where to go in life.

      Abstract & Mechanic Execution also falls into two subtypes, The Abstract & Organic Cognition (AOG) falls into The Monk archetype, which is a more laid back, introspective archetype, that out of fear of being hurt or thrown off balance, develop various remedies, cures and rituals, such as meditation, that can make sure that they feel harmonious and balanced. Monks often fill the roles of scribes, writing down and trying to store knowledge of historical events, remembering and reflecting on facts of life, and using them as lessons for the future. Monks tend to attract alot of interest from Enchanters as Enchanters find them to be highly knowledgeable about life and what is truly meaningful and necessary for us to grow.

      The Soldier (CMF)

      Core interest:
      Being able to survive in dangerous or harmful conditions.

      The Soldier archetype which is more focused on maintaining status quo and safety of the group by fighting on the frontlines, with the help of Concrete & Mechanic Affection, they are similar to the Knight in that they are on the frontlines, but different in that their main priority is immidiate safety and survival. The Soldiers use what they have learnt instinctively, highly aware of the dangers that others pose unless everyone follows the orders, and they can move and make decisions instinctively to ensure that they stay out of harms way. Soldiers tend to inspire Crafters as Soldiers are so ready to put themselves out there in harms way, to fight for what they want, where Crafters tend to take too long to prepare an ambition they wonder if they are ever going to dare to pursue.

      The Hedonist (COP)

      Core interest:
      Expressing feelings, likes, and dislikes openly.

      Hedonists are gatherers in that they look for and save anything life has to offer, understanding what a person needs to feel truly loved and appreciated, Concrete and Organic Processors make people feel safe and loved for who they are, as well as authentically expressing just what they desire and like about others. COP's quickly understand what they want and like, and they will express this honestly to everyone around them. As Hedonists, they want others to express what they love in life, as well as what they dislike, and COP's will often try to mirror these interests, loving others just the way others want to be loved, and supporting others just the way others want to be supported. Hedonists inspire Politicians (COE) as Hedonists are open about what they want and need to feel appreciated, going to get it as they feel the need for it, rather than waiting and planning for the right moment to claim it.

      The Rogues (AMP)

      Core interest:
      Giving technical support

      Abstract & Mechanic Processing (AMP) drives us to fall into The Rogue archetype, representing someone who is performance oriented, and who relies on an open mind to study and evaluate the performance of themselves and others, simply by looking at the dynamics and the results of our actions. Rogues rely on little energy, working efficiently to problem-shoot and to give technical feedback to various problems with tools, workers, and project goals, and Rogues can quicker than anyone understand and notice problems in performance as well as how to overcome these problems, making them great in tech-related fields and anywhere where they can work through supporting others in accomplishing their ambitions in life. Rogues tend to inspire Rangers alot because Rogues are able to, even without much experience in the field, understand it's basic functions and problems.

      The Enchanter (AOF)

      Core interest: Inspiring people to grow

      They have secondary archetypes, in particular, they can use Abstract & Organic Affection to fall into the Enchanter archetype, which represents someone who instinctively knows how to restore harmony to a group, comforting those that are hurt, and finding the right thing to say to make others feel better in the moment. Enchanters rely on jokes, a good sense of humor, and witty comebacks, adapting to the flow of the group, causing them to be able to fit in almost anywhere, while making others in the group feel safe to be themselves. Enchanters can also struggle with anger and impatience when they feel like they are being lied to, or when they feel like others are hurting them or someone they love. Enchanters inspire Monks alot as Enchanters are so full of life and enthusiasm, always with something motivational or exciting in their hands.

      AMP, Will Smith

      The Crafter (CMG)

      Core interest:
      Learning how to be safe.

      Crafters work through remembering how to use tools and objects, tinkering to make objects that they can use to protect themselves and others from concerns and worries. Crafters are interested in using technology and tools, and crafters can understand long-term concerns and how to prepare for them, setting up projects, tools or other things they can use to solve problems. Crafters are constantly doubting if their project or tool is going to work, causing them to constantly tinker, and repair their products, maintaining rituals that will keep themselves safe. At worst, though, this can cause them to bottle up feelings of worry within themselves, thinking that something is going to fail even when it is all going to work out well. Crafters inspire Soldiers (CMF) as Crafters always have a back-up plan for every eventuality, and as Crafters seem to offer some good critical questions about what ambitions you have in life and just how far you are ready to go to work through them.

      The Politician (COE)

      Core interest:
      Representing the interests of the people.

      Lastly, in Concrete & Organic Execution, they have a form called The Politician, interested in leading and controlling social dynamics, and group values. Politicians are constantly in control of their image and how they come across, relying on any form of makeup or strategies that will make them appear honorable, trustworthy and of good ethos. Politicians seek to be liked and appreciated for their effort, seeking the vote and vocal support of the group, asking for input and trying to direct the group and the people they are associated with, to establish their identity within the group, and politicians are often in positions where they can teach others what behavior and what forms of identity expressions that are loveable and authentic. Politicians tend to inspire Hedonists because Politicians know just how to be loved, not just through action, but also through strategy and self-restraint.
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