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    • Published: 08-29-2015 02:45 am
    • Out of the latest 10 results, 4 are statistically significant, that equals 40%.

      That is a radical improvement from how it was a few weeks ago where almost no one got statistically significant result.

      The goal is to get this percent up as much as possible.

      So how does the correlations and anti-correlations of variables look now?

      I have updated the statistics page to quickly give an overview of the status of proof-of-concept.

      Expected correlated traits that are not producing the desired statistics:

      (GE, FP), (AO, CM), (MG, OF), (ME, OP), (AM, CO), (AP, CE), (OG, MF), (AE, CP) = 16 traits

      GE FP -0.25
      FP GE -0.25
      AO CM -0.2
      CM AO -0.2
      MG OF -0.17
      OF MG -0.17
      ME OP -0.16
      OP ME -0.16
      AM CO -0.13
      CO AM -0.13
      AP CE -0.08
      CE AP -0.08
      OG MF -0.05
      MF OG -0.05
      AE CP 0.01
      CP AE 0.01

      Expected anti-correlated traits that are not producing the desired statistics:

      (OP, OE), (AO, CO), (AE, CE), (AM, CM) = 8 traits

      OP OE 0.19
      OE OP 0.19
      CO AO 0.17
      AO CO 0.17
      AE CE 0.05
      CE AE 0.05
      AM CM -0.1
      CM AM -0.1
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