Tndency to remember episodic details versus facts is reflected in intrinsic brain patterns

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    • Published: 01-04-2016 10:44 am
    • Stumbled over it.
    • Published: 01-05-2016 01:34 am
      Updated: 01-05-2016 01:35 am
    • Thanks this was very interesting indeed, adding it to the science section.

      For some years ago we made hypothesis about the Organic contextualization (old name) being associated with episodic memory, but we changed that.

      Since we link the Organic encoding to the default-mode network (DMN) and the DMN is associated with the episodic memory-system we can again say that Organic encoding is associated with the episodic memory system.

      Relationships to memory-systems:

      • Episodic memory - Organic encoding - specific autobiographical, experience and affect-related memories
      • Semantic memory - Abstract association - generalizations about experience and learned information
      • Semantic memory - Concrete association - specifics about learned information
      • Procedural memory - Mechanistic encoding - specific subconscious motor procedures, we can say all actions require subconscious procedures of how to perform them even if it's about solving math

    • Published: 01-05-2016 01:42 am
    • Here is one study that mentions it:

      Intrinsic Default Mode Network Connectivity Predicts Spontaneous Verbal Descriptions of Autobiographical Memories during Social Processing (2012)

      "Neural systems activated in a coordinated way during rest, known as the default mode network (DMN), also support autobiographical memory (AM) retrieval and social processing/mentalizing. However, little is known about how individual variability in reliance on personal memories during social processing relates to individual differences in DMN functioning during rest (intrinsic functional connectivity). "

      "These findings suggest that in individuals who naturally invoke more memories during social processing, brain regions involved in memory retrieval and self/social processing are more strongly coupled to the DMN during rest."
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