Feeling and Aesthetical Judgement

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    • Published: 06-16-2016 08:05 am
      Updated: 06-16-2016 08:07 am
    • Intense experiences of art triggers the default-mode network. More in the article:

      We perceive aesthetic pleasure as a reward just as we perceive sex, food, and water as rewards. Aesthetical experiences help us reinforce our sense of self and identity. Negative aesthetical experiences and disharmonious music should trigger anxiety in us. Aesthetic responses involve emotional networks, but some emotional networks may be unrelated to aesthetical experiences. Aesthetics provoke emotional responses in us. The same goes for music:

      "When people listen to preferred music, there is dynamic interconnectivity in the Default Mode Network, linking music to self-awareness, along with associated personal histories, core emotional memories, and empathy;" Source.

      My theory is the default-mode network allows us to experience beauty and harmony in music and art as a reward in itself and that we feel rewarded for making our environment more beautiful or harmonious. Furthermore aesthetics and how we move, look, dress, and talk is key to how we can experience that we have a unique identity separate from others. A person who identifies strongly with Feeling will pursue these forms of rewards in a higher degree than they pursue efficiency, productivity, and successful completion of work-related tasks. They will also experience a higher rush of dopamine in the light of these rewards compared to for example gaining a higher score or improving their efficiency or skill at a task.
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    • Published: 06-17-2016 04:19 am
    • Wow this is super-interesting and a new field for me. I didn't know that aesthetics could be linked to DMN but it makes sense. Maybe the image / allegory / symbol holds a personal texture / narrative which provokes emotion. I usually get excited / motivated or in a specific mindset of different kinds of music or art.

      Like this:
    • Published: 06-18-2016 01:45 am
      Updated: 06-18-2016 02:02 am
    • Here is more. There seems to be a lot of research associating aesthetical experience with DMN.

      "This account is consistent with the modern notion that individuals' taste in art is linked with their sense of identity, and suggests that DMN activity may serve to signal “self-relevance” in a broader sense than has been thought so far."


      "The delayed aesthetic network is composed of more synchronized links in the beautiful condition. It can be posited that matching with the DMN occurs only then, during the aesthetic appreciation sensu lato." They speculate that DMN is only activated for beautiful aesthetics.


      "Recent neuroimaging studies indicate that there may be common ground for esthetic and moral judgments." "These regions have been related to understanding the minds of others."

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